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Long Term Planning - Your Opinion Please!


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Hi all

I am starting at a new school this year in Reception and Im trying to get my head round a new way of planning, new systems etc.


Apparently this school set out their topics in advance at the start of the year, e.g in first half term we do 'ourselves', second half term we do 'food' etc etc. right across the year.


I've come from a school where we decide our topics from term to term and often every year has been different. ive always quite enjoyed choosing what topic to do next and felt relieved that i didnnt have a perscribed list of topics like the rest of the school. i also felt this was best practise as you are being more flexible and starting with the children's interests.


just wondered what everyone else thinks and how you do things. perhaps i am just being a bit scared of change!


thanks x

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Hi Clare

will you be a member of a team in reception in your new school?

Although there is a move towards less formal identification of topics in EY I think you will no alternative but to at least pay some lip service towards the topics that have been set for you.


Ourselves, is quite a good place to start as you get to know the children and you can easily spin off to my favourite TV programme /character for example to incorporate the interests that the children show. I think if you can think creatively outside the box you will be able to work in the way you describe and in a way that satisfies the school.


IF the topic is more prescribed, then you may have some work to do to re educate the HT and become more flexible to meet EYFS principles.

Good luck.

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yes I will be a recption teacher in the new school. Obviously i will fit in with whatever they do but i suppose i was a little disappointed to see that they do things in a rather perscribed way - Susan, youre right I think I might just have to be a bit more creative with it!


Marion, I have recently been reading about moving away from topics which I think is really interesting - it might be a bridge too far at this stage for my new school but maybe something to work on. Its a bit of a balancing act between fitting in with new ways of doing things and getting new ideas across without being the new girl rocking the boat too much!


thanks for your advice, i find this site so useful!

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Hi Claire, and welcome!

If I can be any help, do please ask - I know how hard it can be to convince folk!! And yes, sometimes the softly, softly approach is best - even though sometimes 'certain' people might just claim your ideas! At least they're being taken on board :o


Good luck!

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