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Do You Plan Using A Day Book?


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I have been planning for the last few years using a day book, rather than on sheets. Does anyone else do this and are you going to continue in this way in September. A day book works really well for me and I plan the next day the night before. I'm not sure how i'm going to do this in light of EYFS, whether I now need to write down the context of the learning, development matters, look, listen, note etc. Any help, or ideas gratefully received


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When I had my preschool I used to produce my own 'Day' book. I made up blank pages which the staff wrote into during the session as much of our 'planning' was retrospective.


The layout of the pages included 2 pages with a list of the childrens first names on with a column for comment on interests that day which was used to inform the next days planning, a dated page which showed any focus plans and which resources were planned to be used (informed by the previous childrens comments page) it also showed resources which were chosen by the children ( we had lots of self select draws/boxes).


Then a page for notes to staff, actions identified, resources needed etc, and a blank one for photo's.


I bound enough of these blank pages together to last a half term, with a laminated front and back cover (for strength). I used tabs to seperate the weeks. These became really good records of a half terms progress, planning childrens comments and pictures. xD


Once completed we would display them on the parent notice board, and also use them to show Ofsted.


Since I closed my preschool I have kept these as a lovely keepsake to look back on (in my retirement) :o


Obviously this wouldn't work with a large setting, although you could have a seperate book for the childrens list of names and comments, another book for the planning and pics, and one for staff messages, notes etc.



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