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Another Question About Abacus Evolve!


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Hi there,


Another question for those of you who have started to use Abacus Evolve.... My school use the scheme but Foundation Stage was due to come out this summer, yes? I'm trying to "get on top of my planning" this holiday in readiness for a busy year - but as I haven't yet been given Abacus Evolve,it is a tad difficult! Will I be wasting my time, if the scheme/CD is going to be handed to me on the first day back?!! Your advice please!


Also, somebody on here mentioned that CLL is incorporated into the scheme - is it any good? Is there a booklist or is it not that prescriptive? I looked on the Abacus Evolve website at the sample - but I only found an example of Week 1 planning - holiday news etc so not very enlightening!


It all does sound very exciting, although I do feel, it may be too good to be true!!!


Thank you, and hope you are all having a lovely summer!

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I haven't started using it yet so these are only my first thoughts. But I do have the pack sitting here and have started to flick through it.


- There is CLL objectives alongside every PRSN planning. I think it depends how you run your class but I think I am unlikely to use many of these lessons as they do seem quite common sense 'literacy hour' style sessions. zzz.


- There seems to be a book for every single week nearly (not week 1) as the basis for the work. I don't have many of these books, so I guess it sould mean some additional shopping. However you could probably do lots of the lessons without the book as they use it mainly as a starting point.

The objectives do seem slightly easier than the free abacus lessons available on the web.


- There are loads of differntiated activity ideas, nearly all need adult support.


- The Interactive stuff for the whitebaord and computer looks really good as all ready prepared and linked to objectives.


I think it is like any other resource, you have to dip in and out and pick anything you think is any good for the level your class is at. Personally thought it might be a bit better than it appears at first glance.

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