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Putting Eyfs Into Practice


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Hi there,


I am struggling with the best way to put the EYFS into practice and wondered if someone would be kind enough to advise me please? :o


I have purchased a few publications from Bromley CMA but I would like to know what other stationary/booklets etc I will need to put all this into practice? The publications I have bought from Bromley CMA are...


Childminder/Parent Contact Book

Early Years Foundation Stage Planning

Look, Listen & Note Observation Records


Is anyone else using these publications? If so, what other resources do I need?

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have you got The Early Years Foundaton Stage: Setting the standards for Learning, Development and Care for children frombirth to five


if not you can download it from www.standards.dcsf.gov.uk/eyfs

or order a copy from www.teachernet.gov.uk/publications


hope this helps



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Hi Dudleychildminder!

The only resource I've bought is the NCMA Active Learning Book which has photocopiable planning & observation sheets (and completed examples!)

The Dudley training I've attended has provided various examples and handouts but the NCMA book has the most straightforward I've seen.

I'm making my own "Learning Journey" books for each child and will include photocopies of the completed observations & assessments to share with parents.

During a recent Ofsted Inspection a friend who childminds in the Halesowen area was told that by carrying on using the NCMA journals for the children she would be more than meeting the EYFS requirements. Not as scary as it seems if that's the case!


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Thanks Nona :o


I'm not sure exactly what is required for 5-8 year olds and over 8's so if anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it?

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Guest jane707

I have some e-books from www.knutsfordchildminding.co.uk.


They are written especially for childminders trying to get to grips with eyfs.


Hope this helps :o

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