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Hi everyone, I had a query from a colleague at a different setting

I have a query regarding the over 5s in our setting. We are an after school and holiday club who provides care for children aged 3 -11yrs.

obviously we have guidance for the care of our children under 5 come September, and have relevant staff etc..


We will still staff our club the same regardless, however, I was wondering whether if no children attend who are under 5 is there no guidance now for them? or should we still work to the old day care standards? (specifically relating to children who are 5-8yrs who would previously have been looked after according to the day care standards).


I was asked whether, if we have no children under 5, staff would have to be qualified?


I hope you can help with this query so that I can point my colleague from a different setting in the right direction.

I hope that makes sense.

thank you

lucie x

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To be honest tere have been so many changes lately I'm not sure. I believe this situation may come under the 'voluntary registration' available from ofsted, but not sure.

I would really advise that you give Ofsted a ring and get the information straight from the horses ( or should I say regulators) mouths. :o



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Just had a look through and all I can see is that up to 7 years old will be transferred on to the new register and 8 and over will be voluntary.

hi i work in a afterschool/holiday club/breakfast club as well has pre-school in between. we take children from 4 years so have had to register on both areas of the new ofsted registration. also you still need to be qualified in early years or play work. hope this helps.

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