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Hi All

I am cringing as I type this because I know I should know where to find what I am looking for but after trying on and off for the last couple of days I admit defeat and hope someone can point me in the right direction! :o


I am looking for the poems about what children do all day! There were a couple of different ones I think but I know one of them ended with something like ' I knew you would ask me what I had done today so I quickly did a painting'

Would be really grateful for any help xD

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This it?


What did you do?


What did you do at Playgroup today?


Well, I sat at the dough table and rolled the dough in my hands.

Lucy said hers was a snake but mine, mine was a worm.

The lady talked about long ones and short ones, and medium sized ones,

and Sarah roiled her dough so long it went right over the edge of the table.

(And nobody said "what are you going to make - a cake would be nice”)


Yes, but then what did you do?


I played on the climbing frame

and do you know

I can jump off the very top step.


Yes, but did you do anything today ?


Sarah and me went to the paint table.

It was lovely, all gooey and slippery on our hands.

We made lots of pattern with our fingers and elbows.

Sarah had yellow paint and I had red

and Mummy, do you know what,

if you mix red paint and yellow paint together it goes ORANGE!

'(And nobody said "what a mess you've made")


Yes, but what else have you done ?


At milk time a big boy pushed me over

and I bumped my head.

The lady picked me up and loved me better,

and the boy said “sorry”


And then did you do anything?


The lady sang a new song

and I can remember it,

it was about our fingers, thumbs and toes.


But, did you do anything today?


I made lovely traily patterns in the sand

and then Sarah and me had a race to see

who could put the sand in the sand-wheel quickest.


So, what did you do at Playgroup today ?


We sang 'Happy Birthday' to Nicholas

and then the lady read us a story.


But, did you do anything today?


Yes, when the lady said “It's time to tidy up"

I quickly painted you a picture

'cos I knew you'd say..................


“What did you do at playgroup today?”

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Or maybe


Child's play


Oh what a busy morning I've been playing with the dough

And with a little help, upon a card I learned to sew.

I helped a friend "Nurse Sarah" to perform an operation,

Then fixed the track together for my train and built a station.

I popped inside the house to make a cup of tea,

And stood beside the cooker making lunch for twenty three.

I completed three whole jigsaws and played a new board game,

And had a turn on all the bikes, the slide and climbing frame.

I handed round the biscuits at milk and biscuit time,

Then listened to a story and sang a nursery rhyme.

But now the morning's over and the mummies are all waiting,

I hope my mother doesn't say "I WISH YOU'D DONE A PAINTING"



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