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Can someone tell me what the Graduate Leader fund is and who it is for.


And then if a member of my staff can get it?

we are not full day care all year round but do care for under fives in all our sessions, will be using eyfs, and we provide full day care for some weeks of the year.

the member of staff has just completed her foundation degree and is topping up to ba next year. she will be managing from september.


i just need a bit of clarification as i no a bit about it but cant get my head round it!



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I went to a meeting in our bourough as I have applied for this and to my knowledge each setting names a gradute leader and they recieve the fund which consists of a payment for the named person which can be paid as a wage top up or as bonuses and a fund for the setting to use for supply cover, books etc. ech setting can only have one named person.


there is a booklet explaining everyting on the cwdc website.


hope this helps

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