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I have just been reading about this product - 'Starting out, FS Maths' by Beam, in the resources section of the site, and wondered if anyone is using it and can say how useful it is? I teach in a reception class but would be interested to hear from anyone who uses it in their setting.


We have the Folens Maths scheme at our school which I don't really think is that great for Reception; it especially annoys me that it supposes you'll be doing the full Numeracy 45 minutes from day 1, every day!!! :o (I guess it was produced before the FS came in?)


So I am looking to find a resource with good ideas that I will really be able to use a lot, (although I do promise I have my own ideas as well!) as I would need to be able to justify the expense!


Hopefully, Dianne xxx

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Try Maths Plus from Heinemann, in particular


Interactive Mental Maths Nursery/Reception


Games and Puzzles for the Key Objectives - Year R


We have just got them but they look very promising.

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I ordered the 'Mini maths' books 1 and 2 from BEAM...as they're a lot cheaper to see what they were like. They have a lot of good ideas to add to your existing ones !

Each book is divided into themes :

Book 1 : Hands, Containers, Teddy bears, Green peppers, Squares and Dough


Book 2 : Wheels, Shoes, Sand, Bodies, Flowers, Pennies


Each section is divided into : Let's sing, Let's do and Let's investigate and it is based on talking and doing... no nonsense abot the 45 minutes !!! I thought we could use 2 themes for a half-term to slot in alongside our other activities and games. They suggest using a theme for a week... and we thought we could set up interactive displays including some of the games/ explorations they suggest.


I have not seen the 'Starting out' set but I think it's a bigger set of similar stuff so I imagine it would be worth a look...could you order it on approval ???


I would recommend the mini books though with some interesting ideas.


Best wishes


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Dianne, I have had the Beam book that you mention recommended to me but I have not seen it. I think it may relate/ correspond to NNS. The Beam "stuff" is excellent though and I can recommend the Mini Maths books for ideas and inspiration.

I think it is quite important though to ensure coverage of NNS and it is easier to ensure this if you are using something that specifically relates to it.

I like using the Abacus Maths materials as a basis in Reception and although these are easier to use as a purchased resource, they form the basis of the maths plans on Hamiltontrust.co.uk.

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Thanks very much everyone for your help - I used Abacus at my last school with Y3/4 and got on well with it there so may try some of the Hamilton trust & combine with ideas from mini-maths!


Dianne xxx

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I've just emailed my contact at Beam, asking if they supply publications on approval. I'll let you know what the answer is!


We have the Starting Out scheme in our nursery, and I think it's a great resource. Well set out, with easy to organise activities, backed up by concise references to the FS curriculum.

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