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Hi after a sleepless night I thought I would throw my problem over to the Forum to see what every one else thinks.


Had a meeting yesterday to sign the register with the Borough, to access the Funding. We were told that because we are re-registering as we have moved buildings that we have been assessed on our quality and the Care Officer and Advisory Teacher have looked at our practice and have decided that our "quality" is not high enough and that they want us to be open for the first Term so we can show them that we have improved our quality.

Bear in mind that they knew we had this new premises a month ago and they decided to have the meeting the Monday after!! we have closed. When also the Staff have all finished and on holiday and also the Advisory Teacher is on holiday for the next month. We will not be operational until September when the building will be ours.

They know that I cannot afford to be open without receiving grant money because to get enough children I would have to get granted children and let them come with out receiving grant money. so subsidise them myself, considering I probably get around 30 children on grants for the Autumn Term you ccan imagine the amount I would have to put up money wise.


I thought that the only people that could assess us was Ofsted and that the others were "ADVISORY" but thats what comes of threatening the Borough a slap on the wrist.

I have now been told that if I can show paperwork wise that we can improve our quality then at the end of August they will let us know if we get funding or not.


Can any one tell me what the requirements are in their areas for recieving grant money? do you have to sign a Contract with your LA and what are your requirements to be on it?


Upwards and onwards as they say to the paperwork!!!!!!!

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Sorry I can not help Steph but it seems very unfair they inform you at such a late date. Is there not a list of what you have to have in place for funding? Maybe on the original letter/form. That way you can link it into an action plan. I do think for funding they can assess you (unfortunately.)


What about a list for accreditation? surely that has everything on that would be required.

Hope you get it sorted out.

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Hi Lou

Yes we do have a list but it just list's the things we have to adhere to. It certainly doesn't have on it that the Borough officers assess us and that its up to them to say whether we meet their "quality Standards " or not

It has on it registered with Osted adhereing to KEEP etc.

It makes us feel that every time a Borough "adviser" comes in we will have to watch what we say because they are assessing us. It means we will be on a constant alert!!!!!!!! and some where in the scheme of things the word ADVISORY seems to have got lost.

Will it mean that we now work according to the Advisory teachers opinions as I have been told that they are only his opinions!!!!!!

He has even told me that he doesn't like my staffing structure.

Sorry I am so angry and fed up just as we thought things were going well after being saved from closure by being given a new premises. I sometime think that LA officers forget that pre-schools actually belong to some one so its like having people come into your house and "burglarise it". Sorry making up my own words now, but thats what it feels like that some one has gone through my house and decided they don't like the wallpaper and that I can't let any one come in unless I change it to their choice.!!!!!!

If I hadn't had enough before this is nearly the last straw !!!!!!

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It must be very frustrating Steph. How you structure your staff is your business as long as you adhere to the standards (sorry statutary guidance.)


Can you ask the relevant department to get in touch with the teacher and ask what they want? Can you ask ofsted if they can visit and go through what they feel is needed for the setting? It would only take a short chat and that will give you the information to come back at the teacher. Also dont forget you can complain about the treatment you have recieved.


Good luck

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it is unfortunate but the LEA hold the purse strings for the grant funding. I think as long as you put an action plan into place and possibly look into accreditation in the future - it is all you can do.

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Yes I did phone and ask the teacher if we could have a copy of the guidance that they use to justify the quality level, and they said they don't have anything they use Ofsted and the EYFS.

I don't think that groups realise in our area that the Officers will be judging them and that the Borough can with hold the funding. Its like having an inspection all over again. Now we will not only be judged by Ofsted but all so by LA officers. at least one of them gives us guidance on what level they will judge us on and the others who now seem to disregard what the others think and make their own decisions.

Still without funding they know we can't servive.


So have a nice holiday everyone I'm back to paperwork

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