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Form To Fill, Help Urgently Needed.


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Hi all I have to fill in this form over the weekend about good practice. I am so tired I thought it would really help if i got some of your views.

1.I have a full and secure knowledge of children’s development, learning and Foundation Stage?

2.I have a particular expertise in the following areas of learning or provision (please list and provide relevant evidence)?

3.I demonstrate a sincere respect and value for children?

4. I model good use of language to extend children's knowledge and to challenge them in their thinking?

5.I encourage children to see themselves as competent learners?

6.I provide a welcoming, stimulating and challenging learning environment which takes account of children's ideas, interests and achievements?

I structure the layout of the room effectively to support child initiated activities and independent learning.



I provide a broad curriculum that sets out clear expectations and engenders positive attitudes to learning.


I use displays to enhance the learning environment.



I support children in planning, reviewing and evaluating their work.



I have well developed systems for monitoring children’s progress and needs.


I recognise the contribution that parents/carers and children can make to assessment.


I communicate effectively with providers about transition issues.



I ensure that activities cater for different learning styles.



I ensure that I give children the opportunity to revisit and consolidate learning.



I provide a balance of those that are teacher led, teacher structured and child initiated.



I support children to make links in their learning and to develop their own strategies for problem solving.


I provide a flexibly structured programme, in both the indoor and outdoor environment, that uses children’s time purposefully and allows long periods for active discovery and explorations.


This is just some of the questions, so any help would be great thanks everyone.

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Yes sorry, there are lots of statements and you have to say how you meet them, there are 7 pages altogether. My little brain is gone dead.

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Hi ger, can I ask what the statements/form is for? It appears that really as they are relevant to you, only you can really answer them., stating examples of how you meet them in practice, possibly use photographs for some of them.(ie: environment/displays)

Or maybe you need some support in how rather than what to include in the statements, ie: No 1/ Rather than describe your knowledge of children’s development, learning and Foundation Stage in theory, maybe it is enough to state how much experience you have, what training you've done and possibly describe your setting ethos / aims such as being child centrered, Montessori etc.


It wouldn't be helpful for us to give answers as they are so individual to you. :o


If there are some aspects of the statements that you are not sure of in terms of context then ask and we will try to help define it for you.



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In that case ger, I think you will have to do it alone. You need to think about the things you do, blow your own trumpet alot and qualify the statements.

It seems a lot to do in a weekend, you need some thinking time. Presumably you need to evidence what you say you do too, a bit like applying for threshold?

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