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Hi everyone,


Please can someone up load their reception timetable for me?

At the moment i'm in a mixed YR/Y1, but next year I am going straight reception and my brain is fried im really struggling with my timetable for what to put where!

I will have children who will be attending school for the morning only for the first term (nursery age) and children who will be full time.


Sorry about all the waffle, I just don't know how to fit everything in!




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I wouldnt even think about a timetable at this point in time other than to fix the things that you have to do in places other than your classroom. Then you need to think about the routines that you want to establish and intersperse short sharp teaching spells with lots of play, AD and CI. Bock those times on your timetable as activities across the curriculum and balance the rest as you go!

You will need to work out what your part time children need to do and what they dont and balance that too.

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