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Sen Register Counting In A Rhythm


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i am posting here on behalf of a friend. Her son is at nursery and has recently been put on the SEN register because he cannot count in a rhythm. Does anyone knows what this means and is it something you would put a child on the SEN register for. Apparently he can count be rote to beyond 10 but cannot count in a rhythm - if anyone can tell us what this means she would be very grateful.

Mant thanks

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I agree with Andreamays response, I'd suggest your friend has a chat with the SENCO and ask him/her to

1/ explain what it means to be on the SEN register, how are his individual plans changed (if at all) and

2/ To see observations that led to this conclusion, ask about what their expectations are in terms of his counting ability and to explain what they mean.

3/ maybe ask how he uses rhythm in other aspects of the curriculum such as music.


I would say that confidence in using rhythm comes at a later stage.



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