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Now I realise that we havent actually broken up yet but I am thinking about Autumn!!!


We have arranged for the vicar at our setting to lead a little "Harvest" event with parents at the church and I need " easy peasy" songs. So far I have managed to mess about with Twinkle Twinkle which does actually sound quite sweet but I need a real "meaty" number for the finale!!! Has anyone got a tred a trusted ditty please!?

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Here's it is...


Oats and Beans and Barley grow


Oats and beans and barley grow

Oats and beans and barley grow

Not you, nor I, nor anyone knows (pointing to each other)

How oats and beans and barley grow


First the farmer sows his seeds (scatter seeds)

Then he stands and takes his ease (stand easy, legs wide)

Stamps his feet and claps his hands (as it suggests)

and turns around to view the land (turning around, holding hand up above eyes as if looking in the distance).


Trying to think of the tune, I'm sure it's well known. Perhaps somebody else can help?

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