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Fun Maths Games Please?


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Hi all - looking for help once again.


I need some short but fun maths activities for 4-5 year olds.


With particular emphasis on number recognition and counting out a specific number of items to 5.


I use loads of songs and 'hands on' activities but am bored of my usual repetoire xD


Any good hints for books or sites or ideas would be really appreciated :o

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our children like nothing more than acting out the rhymes. 5 cheeky monkeys or 5 little ducks etc they hold up a number and get in order. when we do 5 little leaves the rest of the children blow them off the tree and they have to get back in line in the correct order.

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Ditto! How about 5 little monkeys?

5 little monkeys

swinging from a tree

along came a crocodile

quiet as can be

Oh said the monkeys

you can't catch me!

Snap Snap Snap........


4 little monkeys

swinging from a tree etc.

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Thanks Andreamay..


Mine do too - but I think I have just about exhausted all the 5 little ....(songs) possible and more!


I really struggle as these children have real difficulty concentrating so I tend to go for outdoor lively stuff!


Think I have just overdone the studying and am now braindead :o

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i did smartie maths the other week could you adapt that. Naturally the children loved it!! Also 5 in a bed. junk beds with 5 heads and a cover on, old cd disks make good headboards. they could choose how many in their bed and write the number on a sticker to put on the bed. Old birthday cards for cutting with numerals on. Playdough cakes and straws for candles always goes down well. will keep thinking :o

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we did a doctors surgery and the children had to take a number and wait their turn. also worked well in a shoe shop the shop assistent called a number. staff needed to model it at first but they soon got the message. Aeroplane seat numbers they buy a ticket and have to sit in the seat that matches.we have alot of gold coins (tokens) always popular to count money!!! 5 coins to buy a ticket to a puppet show etc

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we do a postman delivering letters game......postman has envelopes with door numbers on 1 - 10, up to 10 children stand in a line (number mixed around) pretending to be the door and they also have a laminated sign with a number 1 - 10. The postman delivers his letters to the correct door number. I guess this is more for number recognition but we do count as well so you could adapt it to suit.

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Number hunts outside and inside (finding hidden numbers or seeing what numbers they can find in the environment or taking a box around and collecting a certain number of things to put in the box)


Ordering numbers that are written on the playground / put up around the playgrund (over a large area) by riding their bike first to number 1, then 2 etc - children have to think what number comes next, see where the number is and then ride their bike to it


Interactive numberline - numberline with hooks on and those little washing powder net bag things - children collect the corresponding number of lego pieces / pencils / marbles etc etc and hang them up.


Baking number-shaped biscuits and decorating them with the corresponding number of chocolate chips / raisins / sweets - similar in playdough - make pretend birthday cakes for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year olds with the right number of candles.


Ten Terrible Dinosaurs is a great picture book for counting back from 10.

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