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we are doing a healthy schools and pshe week in our school next week, was looking for ideas for team games and activities to use both outside and inside the classroom for a reception class. Was wondering if anybody has done anything similiar in their schools and have any ideas about what i could do

thanks alot


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We did a similar thing last year and it was fun! Each morning I asked the staff to lead a 15 minute 'active' session - we did this each day before assembly. We did power walking, pilates, aerobics, football skills to name but a few. This showed the children that being more active could take different forms.

Other activities:

We also asked a local dental hygenist to visit and talk about brushing teeth. A chef to do a healthy lunchbox demo for older children, younger ones made fruit kebabs, school nurse was invited to visit, used the 5 a day website on line, oh - and we told jokes too - laughter makes you healthy! We had a competition to design a healthy lifestyles poster and had a great response. This made a lovely display with the photos from the other activiites.

If I can recall more I will add them on.


Good luck and I hope it goes well!

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Guest matkat

I know we are pre-school but we have just completed a mini olypics at our setting incorporating healthy eating with having healthy foods such as smoothies and fruit salad etc complete with sack race and bean bag shot put the children loved it the staff had fun to.

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if you google 'healthy schools week' you will get lots of info from other schools.


In preschool we looked at vegetables matching to pics, made fruit juice, soup, and had the dentist visit. The british nutrition foundation is an excellent site for powerpoints, food pics, picture recipes plus lots more.


Have fun and keep fit. :o




p.s. I've just bought a juicer and I'm going to make apple & carrot juice with a bit of beetroot (for colouring), apparently it tastes great and I'm going to pretend to my own children that they can't have any because it's my special drink, then of course they will want it, so I will be really kind and let them have some for their pack ups. xD:(













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