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Still coming to terms with planning for nursery although I am not sre what planning format to use it has been suggested to me to complete my weekly plans on a white board and add to them throughout the week then photo them on the Friday as my record??? Does anyone plan in this way do you think it would work?



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Welcome to the forum,

I work in nursery at a school. We do weekly planning covering the 6 areas of learning. We base this on what our topic is eg at the moment we are doing buildings. A few examples for you are;-

Sand area Made this into a building site only 4 children are only allowed in each child has to wear a yellow hard hat. put bricks in wooden, duplo, basket full of drills, hammers, screwdrivers etc. On the top shelf diggers etc. Put pictures up on display of bob the builder along with books etc. The children have been queing up!

Water area made into swimming pool with dolls and arm bands. Colour water blue. Put pictures of divers, swimmers etc

Role play area made into a supermarket. Again made hats with local supermarket logo on for children to wear only 6 allowed in.

What acitivy we are doing on the whiteboard/computer on a weekly basis.

What focused activity will be for that week.

What we are doing on the playdough table. eg making buildings.

Creative eg making a church from junk modelling painting a picture of a church.

Maths what activity we are doing sorting, counting etc.

We then outline what early learning goals are learnt from each activity. Also we put down what each member of staff is doing for the week eg observations, focus activity, floating eg helping chlildren etc.

Hope this helps x

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