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so in April ofsted came to inspect us and were apologetic as they knew we would be closing in May!!!!


So, we open the new setting in May and I have the biggest learning curve so everything is in its place and I am trying to get the routines in place as we have never done anything like this before (never again thank heavens).


Following advice from my EYAT, I was asked to phone in advance and see if ofsted could put a timescale on the next inspection. This is because I explained that putting the old curriculum to our new setting is going to be incredibly hard and my EYAT stated that she agreed...I need to train up my staff with the EYFS!


So the phone call was made and guess what?!


"We will be inspecting you within 8 weeks"!!!!!

8 Weeks! Well we close during the holidays for 6 weeks and so I am presuming they are inspecting us within the next two weeks!


If they do I am so annoyed that my tax is spent on this and that my Ofsted inspector is not in my opinion serving the purpose. I'll name her if I have to!


I do believe that Ofsted should provide one thorough examination, then come every six months or so to explain any changes and make sure they have been implemented (I'll be back in six months and if it isn't implemented I will have to mark it against you)!


I took over in 2005 and waited until this April for my inspection as a new manager - how lame is that?


Still, I'll let you know how it goes - you never know, if I get annoyed enough you may see me leading a change Ofsted campaign!

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Oh the joys of Ofsted!! We reregistered in October last year and was told that all new registrations would be inspected under the current system. However considering that we only had our visit yesterday and that's 9 months after registration I doubt they will have time to do everyone. The inspector can't even visit us again until Wednesday or Thursday because she is busy dealing with settings with complaints!!


WE have also implemented the EYFS and I just justified it in the SEF as when I took over the staff had little knowldge of B23 or FS, couldn't get the materials or put staff on training so thought it made sense to concentrate on EYFS while still encompassing the National Standards until September. The inspector did not seem to have a problem with this.


If they come good luck!

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Not sure if I want to send wishes that they arrive before the holidays (get it over and done with) or send wishes that maybe they mean 8 'working' weeks, thus possibly coming to you in September (new children settling etc etc).


Now which is the worst of these two evils?

Hey, doesn't matter, Ofsted will come when they are ready, you have done your job to the best of your ability and the circumstances you have had to deal with, all external ie: school issues, government change of curriculum, etc etc.


You have recently proven that you can project manage, facilitate change and maintain some sense of humour, you will be fine.


Agree with denisse seems to me to be a good idea to train staff up with EYFS, continue with a child centred curriculum and continue to follow statutory National Standards. xD


Just think a little visit from Ofsted is a breeze compaired to what you've been through this last year, think of the visit as an opportunity to have official endorsement of all your hard work. :o



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