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Starting A New Job Next Week


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Morning :)


I am starting a new job next week, making a move from a LSA in a school SEN unit to a Senior Practitioner role in a nursery- I have a little list of questions to ask and information to source about the routines, policies, staffing and the setting when I start, to make sure everything is OK and to see what could be developed. I was just wondering if anyone had any additional ideas that they would check before hand so that they have a good idea about how to take on the role and seek new ways to move the room forward (which needs doing)


thanks in advance for any help x

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Congratulations on your new job. :o


The main bit of advice I would give is to take a little time to get to know everyone before making too many changes. You need to get everyone onside rather than put their backs up. Try to involve the existing staff as much as possible and encourage them to put forward their own ideas for improvement. xD


Good luck!

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