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Advice Needed For New Teacher

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I am about to complete my early years PGCE and have a job for september :D teaching a reception class in quite a deprived area. Can anyone advise me of resources to start making and collecting which might come in useful?




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Hi Annette, welcome to the site, and congratulations on your first appointment! :D

If I were you, I would visit your new classroom this term after school, and take photos of it, so you know the layout, what bits of furniture there are, etc. Then, you have the summer to plan your new environment. If you make note of what equipment and resources are there already, you'll be able to see if there are any glaringly obvious gaps.

To keep you calm, I would recommend that you plan your first week of term, down to the tiniest details.....I remember being so excited/scared after my PGCE (ie 11 weeks in-class experience!) that I couldn't think straight in the first couple of weeks of my first job! If you really know exactly what the children will be doing, you'll give off such an air of confidence :)

Finally, I would speak to your early years colleagues in school to ask about topics planned for the autumn term, and that will help you in your decisions about making/finding resources.

Hope this helps :)

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