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Hi all

I was wondering what information you pass onto your year 1 teachers. In the past we have passed up a writing assessment, and inidivdual profile records (a4 sheet of all scale points) for teachers to see the points hich have not been achieved with us. We also send a brief summary of the child (info on personality, favourite activities, any info new teacher may need on family circumstances etc..) this year we will also be sending letters and sounds phases info however our year 1 teachers say if they are honest they dont have time to look at all the info - what do you send up are we sending too much?

Thanks Lola

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They will need that as a minimum to plan for the children surely?


We also send a individual profile overview, details of numeracy and literacy groupings, letters and sounds assessments, reading records and we get together to discuss each child individually.

A copy of their report is available should they have any inclination too

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