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Reviewing Safeguarding Policy


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Hi all,


I'm nearly at the end (assessment prob July 23rd) of my full pathway EYPS. The setting where have been on placement throughout this year have all undergone Safeguarding training recently and as a result and with EYFS in mind we are reviewing our policy, I am able to feed into this, which helps greatly evidencing EYP Standard 35: "Influence and shape the policies and practices of the setting and share in collaborative responsibility for their implementation"


the things I'm asked to look at include:


A safe recruitment process



and a couple of other sub heading which i'm embarassed to say have gone right out my head now I'm typing this!! Been doing my evidence file all day and have brain overload! I will check...


But in meantime if anyone has anything on this in general...links or proformas/guidnace notes/copies of suitable policies etc.


Thank you

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Don't know whether any of these docs are of any use to you.

The one at the bottom of the list called Safer Recruitment and Selection in Education Settings is aimed at schools but has some good pracical advice.

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