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I am looking into how to improve my learning environment and am looking into my maths shelves. I am currently in a class that has a maths shelf - 3 shelves with maths resources on with one of those small tables in front where children can work on.... The shelf will include sorting, counting and pattern resources as well as other maths equipment - number lines, jigsaws and games, abacus etc


We are limited for space in class with those shelves and am considering changing the maths shelf to be used to promote another area to display resources as I feel that children to not readily choose resources from this shelf - and it ends up being more of a storage for adults and the shelf could be better utilised


Therefore I am considering using my small table top to display different maths activities each week so children can choose to use them - this will be the usual - objects to allow children to sort, make patterns, count objects, shapes etc. There will still be maths resources on other shelves - I would like to have a shelf of jigsaws and also games so children can easily choose a maths, literacy game etc. I would be able to incl shapes etc on playdough shelves and obviously have maths resources linked to water / sand play.


In addition we have maths resources each day in the outdoor environment - large number to order on the line, shape tiles + we can also have table top maths activities to choose from outdoors.


What is anyone's thoughts ? I see it as a better use of space with limited shelves

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We have tried to put "maths" in all areas in much the same way as you would with literacy. So measures / shapes/ angles in the DT area. Calculators, tills, calendars, graded utensils in the role play area ruler and calculators in the writing area with different sized and shaped paper...

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Hi Marion


I agree with you and I suppose we have that now with shapes in sand, water and outside. Tills etc in the roleplay areas etc. So do you not have a designated maths shelf then ?


I do feel that the shelf could be better utilised and incl the maths items around the clasroom and also a display table each week.


It is the same with a Literacy shelf where ours includes all the writing area, paper, tools etc but also fixing box ( so DT ) and literacy games and also fine motor activities such as threading etc. The pegboards could he here as well as it can be a fine motor shelf

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