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hi all


i was wondering if anyone had any great ideas for how to lay out children's folders and what to put in them.

At the moment i have a photo page for each month then a observation then an example of the child's works we also have sheets for spontanius observations and we have core sheets to record what the children can and cant do.

I feel this is not the best way to do it as it is time comsuming and the core sheets are not to the new frame work does anyone have any great ideas


thanks Claire

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We are doing our folders at the moment. We put childrens photos onto a sheet of paper called a Learning Journey with a short note of what the activity was and the area of learning. We keep back certain pieces of work that the children have done in the year and photocopy or photograph stuff which cannot be taken home, such as, a pattern made with small pegs or elastic bands, drawings or writing on a small whiteboard etc.

We don't normally put in observations other than whats on the learning journey.


I think we need to do more to record the childrens time with us but like you said Claire it is all very time consuming. I'm sure others will have some great ideas and I'm looking forward to readng about them. :o

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