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on thursday i am meeting my new recpetion class and im fine with that and what to do but need some advise.


being a nqt this is my first job. the school havent really given me any info . could anyone suggest the info i might need to collect.


i thought of the finding the induction tutor and programme, policies, planning and assessement procedures, and school, class timetable.



but could anyone sugeest anything else i need to get or find out..


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HI Clare

Have a good day and concentrate on you and the children, first.

Then think about those other things but do remember that you need a good holiday, do not get bogged down in things that can wait.

You should as NQT have a mentor and you should be part of a team, the leader of which should be able to help you with planning and anything else you might need to know.

Have a look in your classroom at the resources that you have and get a feel for things you might like to make to make it yours, or buy but don't get into the habit of spending your own money if you can help it, we all do it but....

If the school expects you to teach with published schemes there should be manuals or handbooks to help you and I would suggest that these could be useful to bring away, if you are able.

Meanwhile have fun! :D

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