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Hi All,


Even with a couple of glasses of wine this evening to cool down - I feel so upset and really fed up !!!!! xD



I have a SEN child who has splt involved - he has been identified by myself and the parent that he has other issues - after spending endless hours observing the child over different periods of the session at different times - completing anne lock and every other observation every thought up by mankind - I met with our local authority advisoor.


Even though the parent advised that she does NOT HAVE a good relationship with the health visitor, the advisor said that the CAF would be better coming from health and not from education as it is taken more seriously - ha ha for anyone who had done the CAF course already !!!


So, it was left to mum to contact the health visitor, who was too busy and sent soneone else, left the forms for mum to complete on her own and was rather dismissive to mum - mum ended up in her words "howling" on the kitchen floor - feeling totally desolated.


Advisor assistant came in today to observe child - she has not even taken the time to look over my observations she observed the child in close range making the child feel uncomfortable, and even made negative comments about an activity one of my staff was doing so that the staff member overheard her.


I am so so so cross = having a child myself who was identified as having SEN I too have howled on the kitchen floor - I even had to come home and look up in the dictionary the term the teacher used to describe my child ie '"an enigma" "mystery" !!


We are in 2008 new EYFS around the corner and CAF an inportant part - the outcomes for children in our care are so important and so are the parents ---- I am really wondering what is going on here...................


.......................it is so good to have this forum to rant - I am sure by tomorrow I will not feel so :(


Have a great weekend everyone - Dot :o

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Guest Stalbans

You and the parent must feel very let down and all we ever want to is the best for our children, whether they are our own or in our care. It sounds to me that the Health Visitor needs to be reported, there are good ones out there although I know they are becoming fewer but can she go to her line manager. I hope you are feeling a bit better after your rant.

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Guest Wolfie

I feel so angry on your behalf and hope this situation resolves itself soon and to your - and the family's - satisfaction. It's so annoying when the theory makes so much common sense but someone puts an unnecessary spanner in the works. :o

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