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New Intake Afternoons


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Just a quick question - what do you do for new intake sessions and how do you organise them in your setting?

Thanks in advance,

Tracylu :o

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Hi Tracylu


I've got 5 sessions lined up (Reception) All on a Wednesday afternoon for one hour. Children are given trays to take home which contains a book, toy, puzzle etc. These are changed weekly (the y6s who are leaving help me out/play with the children)


I give out my transition booklets which have to be completed by the child and parents for the last session. (it's basically a book which helps me to get to know the children - likes/dislikes, interests, strengths, worries about starting school)


Week One Parents given paperwork and talked to by head. I will plant sunflower seeds in pots with children with a view to transplant into our garden so that they are in bloom for the children starting. Children will familiarize themselves with the environment.


Week Two I speak to parents briefly about practicalities - uniforms, dinners, wellies. A uniform display will be set up by our supplier. The school nurse will talk about head lice, worms, conjunctivits etc. Children will be continue to familiarze to outdoor environment.


Week Three Parents drop children off and collect at home time. Children become familiar with playground and equipment. Probably a parachute or dance session. New intake will be buddied with current YR.


Week Four Parent drop off as above. See what happens/what their needs are.


Week 5 Children are invited to take part in our sports day


Towards the end of term, I send the new children a letter saying i;m looking forward to seeing them. i enclose a picture for them to colour and bring on their first day and my current Yr makes a card for their buddy.


And that's about it!!!! I play it by ear in terms of what i do with them. I explain the EYFS in more detail to parents on a Meet the teacher evening in early september.


Hope this helps!

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It helps a lot, thanks, moo!


I love the idea of the trays to take home, the letters, and the sunflowers - the current teacher in the class has the outdoor area as a garden centre at the moment, so that would work really well. We've already done the parents meeting, and the children have been popping in to try uniform etc., so the parents will be free to leave them at session one. Our Y5s are the "gardeners" for our new YR "seeds" each year, so they will be staying around to play with them at first, too. It's a bit tricky this year as I'll be new to the class, too. It's a mixed age class and the current Y2s will be going up to their next class on our Wednesday afternoon sessions, but the Y1s and YRs will be around when the Y5s go back to their room to meet their new teacher (we're having a huge shake up of staff this year). The main problem is I'll be trying to set ground rules with the children who will be Y1/2 too, because I'm bound to have a different style of teaching to their current teacher. I might suggest I have a couple of mornings first, just with them, to ease them in before the new reception children start coming in.


Parachute and some musical games might be on the agenda, I think!


Thanks again,

Tracylu :o

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hi tracylu


i had the same predicament as you have (3 stage) a last year. this is my first year with a straight reception. i did as you suggested -I went in to work with 'Y1/2's for a few short sessions during my PPA. When it came to transition, I got my TA-to-be, to take the 'Y1/2' to a different area to where I was (outdoors/indoors) whilst I concentrated on the new intake. That worked quite well.


Anyway good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

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