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Just wondered if anyone does peer observations on the staff? How do you do this, are you using a specific format or just looking at each staff member during a set period of time. My deputy and I thought this would help with staff development and appraisals. Any ideas would be great!


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Guest Wolfie

Yes, I've done some in the past and they are very informative. However, you need to approach them sensitively and make sure that all staff are on board with them and understand the rationale behind doing them - it can make some individuals very defensive and destroy existing goodwill and teamwork if not handled carefully.


Have you come across any of the EEL materials - there are soem good formats in there, based on Adult Engagement and Child Involvement Scales that you might find useful in setting up your own system.


In the past, soemone gave me this, which you might also find useful -


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Hi - another way of observing each other but making it so that everyone feels comfortable, is that all staff observe each other and there is not just one person ie manager doing it - make sure all staff understand that the point of observing is to see what staff are doing well, and not just a way of judging - good also to observe when staff are not aware, as if someone I know is observing me, I tend to panic and I am not natural.


Dot :o

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Peer observations worked really well amongst our small staff of 6. Names went into a hat and each member choose one to do. Everyone was happy with this method and all were agreed to do them without prior warning. Worked very well. I will see if I can get the format and ask permission to share it here. :o

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