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I am trying to gather ideas together for my next topic which is Summer. I haven't used this as a theme before (this is my NQT year!).

I am struggling to find any specific story books to use as a focus.


I have planned to include some activities about holidays and a little focus on water, but that is as far as I have got!

Does anybody have any activities or plans they could share with me?

Any ideas would be very helpful!




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Hi, these may or may not be any use,

Come Away from the Water Shirley is a good 'summery' book

Role play beach (our caretaker loved us very much when we did this and so did our cleaners).

Safety around water

sort shells/large pebbles (available from garden centres)

Make tin tray gardens

Large map of the world or of the UK -talk about where children/parents have visited for holidays make display with children's drawings, writing and comments

Make ice cream, ice lollies

observational drawings - summer fruits strawberries, raspberries etc then eat them

Talk about sun safety, different ways to protect ourselves -lotion, hats, umbrellas.sunglasses

Design and make sun glasses

Maybe look at weather keep chart of all kinds experienced over a period of time (that'll be rain then!)

Different insects around in summer, talk about flies/wasps/bees make up alliterative jingles/ class poem/use insect sounds for clapping/chanting games -buzz, buzz, zzzzz

Summer games -look at different sized balls, beach balls, tennis, cricket balls

Inflatables -lilos, balls, water wings estimate and record how many breaths to fill up


PS Welcome to the forum

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Guest Wolfie

Welcome to the forum! :o


We liked playing "Pass the Passport" - a circle game, same idea as Pass the Parcel - have a big suitcase in the middle and a large selection of things that could be packed for a holiday, some obvious, some not, some silly, etc.etc. and when the music stops, the person holding the passport chooses something to pack in the suitcase.


Depending on the abilities of your children, they might be encouraged to say WHY they are packing it, what they might use it for on holiday, etc.

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Thanks to everyone for your fantastic ideas!

Wish I had joined this forum back in September!!



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