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Not too sure if this is the right place for this topic so feel free to move it if you so wish!

In Stockport we have had, for the last three years or so, sector specific development workers. So, pre-schools, childminders, out of schools and private day nurseries had a development worker who looked after them specifically. Our EYDCP manager has now decided, against the wishes of the vast majority of settings, that the borough will be divided up into areas and we will be assigned a development worker for that area. They may have expertise in only, let's say, out of school work, but they will have to advise all groups in that area!! With me so far? The only sector to retain its specific development workers is childminding. Quite why we do not know!

What do other LEA's do? Do you have sector specific or generic workers? If they are generic does it work? I would be interested to find other people's points of view.

Apparently the reason for the change is to reach targets in the three areas of deprivation in Stockport but we are not too sure how this is going to help????


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Hi Linda,

We don't to my knowledge have sector specific development workers in East Sussex. (If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me!) We do have EYDCP development officers who are responsible for childminders and pre-school settings in their area. I think there are about 5 development officers covering the County, each with their own designated area. In addition, there are three Foundation Stage Consultants (ie teacher advisors) for the County, again given an area to cover. They offer advice and run training courses (usually free/heavily subsidised by the EYDCP) to anyone who is working within the FS. Finally, there are about ten teacher advisor associates who work with their FS consultant helping in training, visiting settings to help with pre/post Ofsted stuff, moderating in the profiles procedures, etc.

What happens in practice, I believe, is that if a particular area of expertise is needed, the appropriate consultant/associate/development officer can give advice anywhere in the County, even if it's not his/her patch!

Hope this helps :)

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