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Hi all, some of my children, especially the boys, are interested in Doctor Who. Have already done space (when i could have encorporated it) Does anyone have any ideas or sites?

Thanks as alway



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Just some quick thoughts off the top of my head (mind you haven't watched it since the first time around!!!.......yrs ago :( )


Travel, concept of time travel - Where would you go, what past event would you like to travel back to, imagine a future event to go to. - (depict using art & design)


Lots of Design & Technology - model making touch screens, controls / buttons / switches etc.


Dalek sounds ( comb & tissue paper :oxD )




Ask the children to describe / make up a particular story line using the characters, sequence events, what happens next etc


Tardis role play area, what resources would they have in it.


Have fun



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We made a giant tardis out of a american freezer box, children decorated (painted it Navy blue) added a control panel inside etc, then we placed it in the homecorner, great succes...

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i don't know if they do one for Dr Who but we had a little boy who adored Teenage ninja turtles, he never seemed to explore the book corner and didn't engage with an adult when a story was being read, that was untill i discovered the comic dedicated to the turtles!! we now have a selection of comics for the children to explore it's amazing how many more boys are taking an interest in the book corner!!

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