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I've not done the farm as a topic in the past however I have found this fantastic article on the FSF about a farmer drama which includes a role play plan and lots of other useful things. I had a quick forum search but couldn't find much however there is this post which is about fiction books for farm topic.

Don't forget 'The farmers in his den' and 'Old McDonald had a farm'. There are also some farm resources on the sparklebox website.


Hope that helps a little

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We have just finished topic of the farm. The following areas we covered:

seeds/beans - planting

How does the farmer look after his crop - work on and created scarecrows

The life cycle of a chicken

The produce from animals - sorting

Sorting farm from zoo animals

Matching adult animals to their baby animals

PSED - looking at caged chickens and free range - drama based around this


For our summer trip we are visiting a farm which will help to put it all into context, especially for those children who never expereince much outside of school.


Hope this helps



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