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Hi all


I am currently doing the BA In learning and teaching and a group of us are planning a presentation about pastoral care in schools.


I have been given the area of pre school.


I have interviewed my daughters pre school leader and got some brilliant stuff.


However i would like to also integrate an activity for the audience to take part in. Something interesting, simple and quick (i only have a 10 min slot)

Any ideas and suggestions welcome!




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I have been on a course that did a feeling cards interactive activity.

On the way in we were invited to pick up a picture of a face - some were happy, sad, cheerful, scared etc

We were then invited to say why we had picked that card or not say anything at all - it was then linked to how children feel when entering a pre school and how circle time can be a good activity to help with pse development.

Not sure if this is what you may be looking for but just thought I would post :o

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