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I the nursery teacher in a foundation stage unit that's part of a priamry school. In September we are looking to provide a lunch club between morning and afternoon sessions. I would be really interested to hear from people who already run a lunch club in their setting. How do you organise it? Who staffs it? How much do you charge? etc


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We run a lunch club between sessions for 45mins at a cost of £2.50 .


The children bring their own lunch box(we have stated that they must not contain fizzy drinks or sweets. but some luch boxes still look like the sweet counter in woolworths!!!!). At the end of the morning session the lunch club children know that they must all line up to wash their hands and then collect their lunch box from the trolley. We go into mummy mode a bit and encourage that they eat savouries before sweets,yoghurts and cakes . they eat really well and enjoy the social aspect of chatting,discussing what each of them have etc. One member of staff attends the children whilst the other 3 have their lunch break and then once the afternoon session is running the member of staff attending then takes a lunch break.

We have just started to evaluate this session as we didn't before but and discussed the fact that certain children are not eating certain thisngs and we cannot always remember at the end of the afternoon session what each child has eaten. Also we use these observations to look at next steps for PSED in self care etc and helping with the transition to school ie. opening crisp packets,yoghurts etc. which they have to do at school. this is a really popular session and we have on average 10-14 children each day (most of which attend morning,lunch club& Afternoon session) .

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