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Hi Everybody!


Im wondering if anyone can tell me where they buy their books from.

I could do with buying a bundle range of books but dont really know where to start.


Obviously we will have a library loan service on offer, (our children are 3-11), but would lie some that are ours.

We dont need too many, I suppose i could get two/three different bundles which would cater for different ages.



lucie x

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As I used to be on a tight budget I got many 'good' books from boot fairs, charity shops and even jumble sales. Parents often gave books as leaving presents when their child moved on to 'big school'. I also got books from preschools closing down, when I closed my preschool in December I sold over 300 books to other settings at a very reasonable price.(yes, I ended up with a very big library after 7 yrs of business). Ask your local LEA advisor if any settings are due to close.

Other than above I would use Amazon for favourite authors such as Tony Ross series etc.

I was also fortunate to receive a selection of books from Nursery World for 'letter of the week' prize (twice) :o


Happy hunting.



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Guest Wolfie

Hi Lucie


The Book People website often has "bundles" of suitable books at very reasonable prices.


What sort of setting are you? I ask because the Book Ahead scheme might benefit you in the near future and save you spending a lot on your own stock?




Your local library should be contacting you reagrding loaning out a selection of books to you.... :o

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