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How Are We All Doing The Eyfs


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I thought i would start a topic in which we can all share how we are coving the EYFS in ur settings


im a childminder with my mum


My mum is incharge of obseavtions - we do the obsavtion where you do the next step with children every other week

Exmaple - week - 1 obseavtion

Week 2 - next step

Week 3 - Obseavtion

We also do snap shot obseavtions where we just ramdaly obseaver children and link it up with the EYFS, but dont do the next step


I do the IPP with the children - I pick 2 development matters from each six areas of learing which im going to work on the child Each IPP last for 3 months.

I write on an IPP reord sheet how the child did with each IPP activity, i then reuvew the IPP at the end of the 3 months.


We also use learing janureys we do these if the child needs more support in the next step (obsavtion) or more support in doing an IPP activity.


We go with the flow most of the stuff i planned to do with the child last week - as ther ehad the chance to play outside as it was really hot and we have some new outdoor sit and ride toys and the children were really excited with playing with the new toys. So i just did some snap shot obsavtion of them playing outside.


so thats what i do

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I am a childminder as well what i do is spontainious observations throughout the day and take photos etc.


For individual children i do "plan" i select goals from each area of learning which i will work on throughout a half term.And i do at least one planned activity a day (although you do not need to do this with the EYFS).Most activities are spontainious and not adult led,the children have a choice of what they want to do.


Each child has a record folder a scrap book and a daily diary i also send home an activity sheet every half term for the parents which they comment on and sign.This can involve,encouraging children to put own shoes on etc...



If you look back and reflect on your day you will see you cover the EYFS with everything the child/ren have done!!!

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