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Staff Qualification Requirements From September


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I've edited this post as I think it may have sounded a bit shirty! Apologies, was just in a hurry. I would really appreciate your responses.


I know that from september you can no longer have a manager/supervisor who is working towards level 3, they have to have attained the qualification.


What about deputies? It says in the EYFS statutory framework half all other staff have to have level 2, so can you have a Deputy who is working towards level 3? it does say you must have a named Deputy who can take charge in the Manager's absence. does this mean they have to have a full level 3 or could they be working towards? If they are only working towards, can they take charge for the odd day for say, sickness or training?


I am looking for a Deputy to start in September and I know it is difficult to find level 3 staff but I can probably find someone who is part way through or happy to enroll.


thanks very much,


A x

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in case anyone's interested, I asked OFsted who said that the Deputy should be level 3 but you could have a working towards level 3 as long as you check with ofsted that's it's ok for them to be left in charge ni the manager's absence. I also checked with PLA development worker who said there is NO legal requirement to have level 3 deputy but that it is good practice.


let's hope I have lots of level 3 or above applying then it won't be an issue!



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