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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how they carry out their transition for children starting the Nursery. Do you make home visits? If so, how do you organise them, what do you do on them? If home visits are not possible then do you send a questionnaire to find out childrens interests etc before they start in your Nursery? How do you make the settling in period as painless as possible?

Sorry for all the questions, hope you can help!

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Guest Biker

Mrs L

For our pre-school we don't do home visits although do think they would be beneficial but as we take new children every term covering staff to free them up to visit would be a nightmare.

We encourage new children and parent/carers to come and have a look around and at this initial visit we explain our ethos generally introduce the staff,give them a tour of our building and outdoor area.


At the start of their term parent/carer and child are invited for a settle visit where they meet their keyworker who spends some time getting to know them using our "All about me forms" as a starting point.

Parents are asked to stay with their child for that session.after that we take our lead from the parent/carer and child . Some stay for several sessions until they are comfortable others leave their child very quickly.

We encourage parent/carers to bring some photos of family/friends for their child to show us and keep at pre-school.

Settle sessions and first days are staggered to allow keyworkers time to spend with their new children.

Hope that is some help.i am sure there is more but can't think off the top of my head.


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Thanks Biker! I am also wondering with home visits or the visits you talk about Biker where parents come in to meet their key worker, if you do them before the summer hol's then it seems like far too big a gap until they start in Sept, but if you do them at the start of term then you wouldn't be able to do them all on the fist day. So some children would be starting before the meeting we have with their parents? Does that make sense? How do you get round this?

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