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Hi all, i am doing my FINAL essay for BA early childhood degree, cant believe am nearly finshed!! Handed in my dissertation on monday-PHEW!

Back to this final essay, it is on observation of teachers/ practitioners in a reception class and how teachers are creative in the way they present their lesson, so looking at wether they asking questions, give children time etc

I was wondering if anyone would be really really :o kind and prehaps send me an observation that has been done on their teaching with feedback, so i can look at the sort of things i am suppose to be looking out for when observing, as this the first time i am expected to make notes and CRITICALLY analyse someone elses teaching!!

Many thanks xD

Please if anyone is willing to i will really appreciate it





Please pm Dee if you are able to help,


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Hi Dee,


I hope you don't mind but I have taken the email address out of your post as it is our policy not to display these publicly on the forum. Members will be able to send you a private message (pm) though. :o


Good luck with the essay.

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