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Hi there


is anyone receiving the graduate leader fund? what were/are the criteria you had/have to meet?



minimum number of children registered

only for new graduates for for existing ones as retention


thanks very much

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I have got the graduate leader fund, there was not specific criteria apart from being on a degree level course and a commitment to achieving early years professional status by 2010/11, surestart are also funding my degree and as part of the graduate leader fund they have also given us a computer grant for £1.500 and some text books to help with the course and for staff within our setting to make use of.

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I am just about to receive my first payment of £2500 for the next six months. Regulations include that group based care must be longer than four hours per day, with a minimum of 20 registered places and a satisfactory or better Ofsted rating. We must have a commitment to having an EYP within 2 years (I am one, already). We have to agree to provide monitoring data, and have a full training and development plan in place. The existing graduate incentive, which is what I am receiving, is to support quality improvement, and at least £3000 should be used to support professional development of staff. Settings can spend a maximum of £1000 every six months towards the salary of the graduate. :o

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We are still waiting for our LA to finalise how we can apply for it and how it will be allocated and administered even though it was available from April 1st! My understanding is that each LA has to determine specific rules for allocation and amounts although they have had some instructions from central government. Therefore the arrangements for one of us might not be the same as for everyone.

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In our area, it's £2,000 per year, but most of this must be spent on boosting staff wages, and enhancements for the children.I was able to spend some of it towards the cost of my course, but not much!And the second year of funding isn't guaranteed .............

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