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Learning Outcomes/benefits Of Story Sacks


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Obviously I CAN think, and I think I've got the essence of it,

Comms, Lang &Lit

Turn taking

Creative development-imaginative

Enjoyment of Stories, sharing special time with a parent/carer


But i want to put together a leaflet for parents to excite them, pre-organising a parents workshop

to make some more Story Sacks - I've made 2 and a singing Sack whilst an EYPS 'student'

and want to highlight the benefits and learning outcomes.


Many thanks



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Did a google and found this site "How to run a story sack library" including info for parents.




Hope it helps and you are feeling better soon. :o



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I think story sacks are great I have made quite a few myself. You can get a lot of printable things of ebay and they just e-mail them to you. It is hard to get parents involvement especailly in full day care as they don't seem to have the time. You need to try and make it fun maybe have a few drinks.

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