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Hi guys,

Today has been terrible. I am looking after a yr2 boy at the moment who is working to achieve reception level who has severe communication problems and anger managment issues. He has been accepted into a SEN school for Sepember but his mom has already told him. For the last few days he has been really unsettled but today has been particularly bad.


He kept lashing out at other children for no apparent reason and when he had been told off he ran into a corner, usually he calms himself down, but today he did not. I was busy sorting out an upset child, I was crouched on the floor, the chap runs at me and kicks me in the back, luckily I managed to stop myself falling on top of the other child.


After settling him down again I manage to get quite a lot of work done with him, then when it was time to go back into the classroom ready for home time he jumps out of the chair and grabs me from behind around the neck. Luckily another member of staff was near by to help me remove him.


So I now have a sore back xD , my neck hurts :( and I must have twisted my thumb :(:( when trying to remove him, as it really hurts now.


I'm sure I will remember why I do this job, and I will sit and think how well he is doing (big picture) but at the moment I feel that it is all for nothing. :o


Has anyone got any advice how to help this very angry young man deal with the up and coming change, he has no idea of when September is and I feel that my job has been made 10x more difficult now that he has been told.


Sorry to go on but feel really down about it at the moment.


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Once had a looked after child in my setting and a way of preparing the child for next move to adoption was to make a story book. Photophraphs were taken of the child's new family, et etc and they were shared at the pre-school. When another child with SEN was at our pre-school and was then moving onto school, I went along to the school and took photographs of the childs new teacher, where the child would hang up his coat and all the toys that the child was going to play with. This story book was also shared with the child at pre-school, and taken home to share as well. This may well help a little.


In my experience, there should also be a transitional meeting being planned. All professionals involved with the child should be supporting you to ensure a smooth transition for the little boy - has your SENCO advised you of this ?


Anyhow, I think a good soak in the bath might help with your injuries Dot.

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Virtual hugs and empathy. Good advice from Dot but I do think it's a bit early yet to focus on September, he needs strategies to help him NOW. In the past he found ways to calm himself down, finding ways to remind him of these and how well he used to do it. Raise his esteem letting him know you know he can be better. Asking about worries he may want to talk about (as well as his communication levels allow) when he is calm, a listening ear. Maybe he doesn't understand why he feels anxious, if indeed it is anxiety that is causing this eruption of negative behaviour.


You have worked well with him in the past, so you know improvements can be achieved, don't feel you have to bear the brunt of it alone though and get some support, both mental ( sound off to us ANYTIME) and physical in terms of getting things like Dot said done for you ( maybe parent can help here).


Agree long soak, a tipple of your choice, maybe even chocolate, switch off for the weekend and on Monday focus on his positives and endear yourself back to him.


If all else fails, take a long holiday until September :o (only joking)



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I hope things work out for you. I do feel for you. I have only ever experienced this sort of behaviour once. I know how upsetting it can be xD and how helpless you can feel. Try to relax over the weekend, you know how these situations change on a daily basis. Hope you feel more positive and less under stress soon!! :o

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Know how ou feel. You love him and at the same time wish it was september!


I think that he needs to know how to deal with his feelings through social stories. Photographs and words telling him what to do (in his speak) when he feels a certain way. ie when i am angry (symbol of angry face) i will go to my beanbag )pic of beanbag) and sit there until the timer is finished. wen i do this i will get a (sticker or whatever rings his bell). iw ill make ... feel happy when i do this. if i still feel angry i will find mrs ... and tell her.


i was in a similar situation (kicked around!) at christmas. social story helped my little lovely (reception child) Anyway good luck



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Thanks for the replies.


Things were better today, but he had done some really good maths and had nearly finished the page when he just ripped the page out and screwed it up. The poor chap doesn't seem to know whether he is coming or going. He doesn't realise September is a long time to wait for, and I don't think he wants to go. Hopefully he will 'forget' about it and settle back into his routine.


Thanks again.



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