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Hi all. We are ahving our Inspire workshop soon and have decided as we have been using the outdoors so much that we would have it outside in the Nursery garden.

We'd llike to do a few activities with the idea that the children can do as many or as few as they wish. The theme is 'Re-cycling' so all activities need to use such items. I would welcome any inventive craft ideas.

We are making simple kites from carrier bags

A window box herb garden ( 3 little yoghurt pots that they can plant with cuttings from our garden)

A tree decoration - bits of wood with tin- (children will hammer holes into the thin tin - beer cans -I'll start drinking now :o ) and then trhead a piece of string through pre-drilled holes.

Can you think of anything else- all got to be as recyled as possible

Cheers in advance

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Hi -went on a course recently and they had two large brances with string wrapped around, the children weaved old sheets and fabric.


We do loads with junk all the time -my best activity at the moment is maskng tape, tape, boxes, glue, cartons, material, scissors (as much junk as poss donated from parents) - I know its simple, but wow the kids just make the most wonderful creations which I would never have dreamt up. One little girl recently spent an hour making a boat - she created chairs, doors and people - once she had completed it she told me it was her dad when he goes fishing - it was really wonderful. :oxD

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