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Aggghhhh Planning


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I have been given a very challenging task of sorting out preschool. The team is farily new only 13 weeks old plus a couple of other staff that have been there longer. Planning went walk abouts at christmas and no proper planing system was in place when I started. The only planning documents at work is foundation stage stepping stones and the EYFS not B23 at all and I have lost my own copy!


So today we did a staff meeting incoprating planning for the term (yes I know 2 week into the new term). I started planning but got met by some very looking blank faces and this was the medium term planning. I am struggling on what to do next, someone suggested that we plan using the new framework in terms of longterm, weekly and activity plans but mark down the stepping stones. My main problem is that OFSTED are due any time now and I am concered that without a planning system we will end up with a poor report.


Agghhhh why does it have to happen to me? All I want to do is plan for the children using the best system taking into account the needs of the team. Most of the staff team are trainnees and dont have knowladge of B23 and stepping stones with just over 4 months to the new framework.




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:o Im still waiting for 1st ofsted inspection and have already got all of my paperwork done for EYFS ready and waiting for WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN.

I was told by our development officer that until inspected we can only use B23 and Stepping Stones until after the inspection as Ofsted only want to see these area covered.

She also said to implement as soon as they have been (god knows when thats going to be!!!!!!!).

Could you not perhaps get them all together after a session and go through the basics of B23 and stepping stones (the main bits that OFSTED would possibly ask questions on ) and concerntrate on training for the EYFS Just a suggestion!!

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