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Does anyone out there know how and where i can get information about top courses run for teachers. I was told that you get a goody bag to start you off in nursery/pre-school but no idea where to find out venue and dates of the next lot of sessions. Any ideas or starting points, please

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Our Top Start Bag and subsequent freebies came via the Pre-School Learning Alliance.


Leader and deputy enrolled for the training and the resources came with it.



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Hi leo,

I looked in our TopStart training manual for any contact details, and they are as follows:

Davies-The Sports People

0115 945 2203

This contact is probably if you want to book a training course yourself, I would think, but they may have further contacts for you. It's a start anyway!

The other organisation that is mentioned is Human Kinetics, website at www.humankinetics.com.

Haven't looked at the site myself, though. Good luck with the search! :D

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