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Might seem a silly question but...


Am very interested in Schemas but know very little.


Wondered if anybody knows if there is a schema which is the opposite to enveloping ie uncovering or not liking being covered say in blankets/duvet?


Have just ordered Chris Athey's book on

Extending thought in Young Children: a parent teacher partnership
from Amazon so might find something in there.


It's just something I've been pondering and put my thoughts into words!

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Hee, hee was just reading your link mustangsally when I read about positioning things on the head and then read custard!! I'm sorry it has just been one of those days at home with my children just clowning around and custard on the head was just too much!

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Many thanks to the link to the Schema webpage, which is very useful. My new books have arrived, just need time now to read them! Both look great. If I find the answer to my question, I'll let you know! I'm sure you will all sleep easier in the knowledge :o

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