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Hi All


Second post today, was great to have such a welcome !! :o


It has also been great to see how wonderfully everyone replies to all of our silly questions !!!!!


Here goes mine !!


In the old EYFS we were always told we had to depict 2 ss to be our focused activity out of each area of learning per week - so one ss from the peach area and one ss from the blue. When Birth to Three came out we ensured the ss was adapted to cover birth to three. Some children are at the green in some areas of their learning we obviously need to plan activities to move them on also.


So here goes with the question how many "development matters" intentions should we have over a week ?


yours - a very confused Dot. xD

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We too were told that we should use 2 stepping stones for each area per week and I can't remember who told us that. (one from yellow, one blue) We used to use just one and differentiate but then were advised to use two, and then another for B23. When I discussed this with my EY development officer she was very surprised and couldn't understand why, or how we were coming up with activities that would cover both SS. I must admit it was almost like planning 3 different sets of planning. I don't know what I am going to do with EYFS!!

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