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As a school, this finacial year there is going to substantial investment in to the maths resources accross the primary school. The maths coordinator has asked me to think about what sort of thing I would like to have in the foundation stage. In the main school I think they will probably end up with a scheme and I not sure this is particularly appropriate for the foundation stage. I have had some experience of numicon which I quite liked...


I was wondering what main resources others use? Do you have a scheme? If so how do you rate it? Have you used numicon? what do you think of it?


Would really welcome your feedback.

Thanking you in advance




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I have some numicon and I do like it.Very visual and tactile . my children enjoy playing with it and making different sized sandwiches!!!

I do not use a scheme, but have access to some resources from one if I need. I just work to the objectives, assess and use that to plan from.

Some of the best resources don't come from any catalogues. Think of items that would invite use of mathematical language

Outside resources -different length pipes, 10 stepping stones through a sensory garden. Tall short and medium sized plants.

Different size balls,hoops. Community playthings large blocks are a must for me outside. Large die to use outside, skittles.

Inside I have a selection of buttons for sorting from the craft area of a catalogue and that is really useful.A set of Ikea gift boxes is a real asset and they last longer than you may think.

Small world counters to place in sand and water are useful, such as sorting butterflies, fish.


These are just some items that have jumped into my mind. I expect others will add some wonderful ideas

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I like Abacus---you can access some of it free via myprimary.co.uk but if you buy into it you get more activity ideas. The FS version is better than the original reception one.


You might find some resource ideas at www.beam.co.uk, they have lovely maths games and some more scheme like books.


I was "sold" numicon by a rep and although I liked it I didnt find it as easy to use as I had thought. :o

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The numicon software is really good for the interactive whiteboard - it has loads of different numberlines on it, good images of coins, different kinds of objects to sort and count etc etc. Saves loads of blu-tacked stuff falling off your normal whiteboard while you're trying to teach! :o The only problem with it is that you can't write on the whiteboard while you're using it xD so you need your normal whiteboard or a flipchart or something alongside.



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