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Moving To 15 Hours Per Week


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Hi there,


Our LEA will be increasing the free entitlement from 12.5 to 15 hours per week for all settings from sept 2009 and for deprived areas (and I think we fall into this category) from sept 2008.


for those of you who are already funded for 15 hours (pathfinders?) how does the extra half hour get funded - is it proportional to the 2.5 hour rate i.e. an extra 20%?





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we won't have to worry about this for a while......................our LEA has just informed us that we won't get the 15 hours 'for at least two more years'..................it really makes a mockery of the whole system, doesn't it??Why isn't it the same throughout the country,so that everyone gets the 15 hours at the same time??We then get tackled by parents asking for the 15 hours and have to explain that no, it's not in our area...........and we have them phoning the LEA to check we're telling the truth!

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The government promised 15 hours free entitlement for 3 year olds from 2010 which then raised the problem of how? Which is why they have asked various "Pathfinder" authorities to "test drive" the delivery (20 in the first round). At the moment there are lots of different approaches and problems which hopefully will be ironed out before everyone has to deliver it in 2010. My area is in the second round of "pathfinders" and every time we think we have a workable solution another problem is foreseen.

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Our LA have also instructed us to begin offering 15 hours to the most disadvantaged children from 2009 - however, they fail to say how we are to judge who are the most disadvantaged and how we can find that extra time each day?

We are a 52 place part-time maintained Nursery within an Infant school. I'd be keen to find out how other people in similar settings are going to approach this tricky situation. Any suggestions?

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