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Do any of you use a transition report or something similar for children who leave your setting to go to another one, i.e. NOT to school because then we use the FS one. I am thinking more of when they move to another nursery, for whatever reason, so something similar to the FS but more geared to the younger children. I did have one years ago but as always I now cant find it. The reason I had one then was because I was on a military unit and children where leaving all of the time due to mum or dad being posted, and we found we knew things about the child which mum or dad might not necessarily think to pass on to the new setting, for example, I had a little girl who would only eat her lunch with a metal spoon, refused point blank to have a plastic one! And another one who would only eat lunch if her nappy was dry! We also added things like "I like to play with the Brio train set" or my favourite song is Twinkle Twinkle.


i'm just being lazy but if anyone has one I can borrow I'd really appreciate it. If not when I make one I'll post it on here



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