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A colleague of mine works in a Year 1 classroom and in a recent discussion she was saying that lots of the children do not come up to year one with the correct strategies for reading- they can only use picture clues and phonic clues.


What other strategies should i be teaching my children?


Some of my children know when they read something wrong, that it is wrong and will correct so we work really hard on this, but I am not sure what other strategies the children should know.

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Hi Blossom

I always encouraged my children to miss out the 'tricky' word. Continue reading the rest of the sentence or part sentence then see if that gave them any clues as to what the 'tricky' word was. Also looking for smaller words in longer words to work out new words. Picture clues and phonic clues are also very important. Depending on what the child is reading depends on what strategy or strategies they may use. I always used shared reading as a time to demonstrate these techniques to the children. Thinking out loud to the children when reading big books and asking their ideas of how I could work out a unfamiliar word.


Hope that all makes sense.

Don't do any teaching in school now as full time in my own nursery but your question brought back to me many happy times helping children along on the reading path.



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